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Dr. Linda Yerzley: Quotes and Observations

I've had many remarkable experiences with my patients over the years, and I learn from them during our process together. I feel privileged to work with each one, particularly when someone lets me into his or her internal world.

I've observed that listening to somebody means not merely hearing the words, but noticing gestures, body language, pauses and periods of silence, and overall affect. Often, the loudest message isn't expressed in the person's words.

The quotes I've included here represent some of the significant experiences that my patients have had during the process of working through their issues. They demonstrate the kinds of insights that come to those willing to confront their fears and concerns.

The Haymakers, Pissarro

"Please don't dispute my feelings;   they are real."

"I do have feelings even though I look like I'm not capable of using the right words."

"Perhaps I look different, talk different, act and behave different, but my feelings are similar to yours."

"Sometimes the strongest messages from me are not easily uttered;   please be patient with me."

"I can hear but cannot see, for I'm blinded by darkness brought on by my past and my deep psychological wounds."

"Someday I know I'll be able to see the light, but for now please let me feel the light."

"I need to let go of the past that keeps haunting me and preventing me from enjoying the present, and instead build on my strength to reach my goals in the future."

"Let me hang on to my fantasies for now;   with your understanding and patience, I know I'll be able to make realities out of them."

"I now realize only I can make the final changes in the chapters of my life."

"The one thing I need not let go is belief in myself;  I guess I'm ok."

"I didn't realize that it's ok to cry, but when I did, it actually cleansed and purged my emotional cobwebs."

"I always thought that nurturing comes from you, but now I realize that only I can ultimately nurture me."

"To accept me is not only to know me, but also to forgive me, love me, and be patient with me."

The Skiff, Renoir

"I might be hiding under this heavy emotional cloak, but right now this is the only way I know how to remain intact."

"I couldn't seem to let go of the past until one day it clicked:   I didn't need those traumatic memories any more . . . the emotional restraints finally lifted off!"

"Whenever I feel the nervous energy I remind myself to use it as a fuel toward something more positive."

"I am fortunate to have acquired several emotional crutches to keep me afloat above water, but I have to somehow work towards walking again without them."

Starry Night over the Rhone, Van Gogh

"I tend to blame people, events and circumstances, but somehow I have to realize only I can make the difference."
"It feels as though my identity is tied to yours;   I need the courage to somehow make that fine distinction to free myself."

"It took me awhile to realize that all my anger and negative feelings, that I thought were directed at everyone else, were really meant for me."
"I didn't realized that negative emotions can contribute to what seems to be an emotional infection, until I almost suffer from psychological sepsis."

"I'll try not to let go of all of my inner child - instead I'll make a conscious effort to integrate her into my adult self. After all, I still need her for laughing, accepting my foibles, being playful, and maintaining appreciation of where I am today."

"I thank you for confronting my fears;   others seldom recognize them, some catastrophize them, and many bypass them, including me."

. . . Dr. Linda A. Yerzley

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