Neurobehavioral Medicine Consultants

Neurobehavioral Medicine Consultants (NBMC) prefers payment in cash for services provided by its psychologists. However, if a patient obtains authorization from an insurance company in advance, then the psychologist may, at his or her discretion, accept the difference between the session fee and the insurance payment. Any such arrangement is contingent upon receiving the expected insurance payment. When queried about coverage, insurance companies often provide warnings such as: "Verification of benefits or coverage is not a guarantee of eligibility or payment", meaning that they will not accept responsibility for any incorrect information that they might provide. NBMC may submit claims to the patient's insurance company as a courtesy. The patient is ultimately responsible for making any necessary arrangements with his or her insurance company, including obtaining any authorization for services or treatment which may be required, and is ultimately responsible for the account balance. NBMC's usual fee for each service may, at its discretion, be reduced according to a sliding scale if a patient cannot afford the full amount.

In cases where sessions are scheduled to run longer or shorter than the usual allotted time, then session fees will be prorated according to the change in duration. In cases where a patient is not able to be present physically in the office, the psychologist can conduct a session by telephone. Such sessions are charged according to the same fee schedules as office visits.

The psychologist reserves each time slot for a specific patient. Any patient who finds himself unable to keep an appointment should notify the psychologist as soon as possible. However, if notice is given less than 48 hours before the appointment time, then the patient will be held responsible for the session charge unless the missed appointment is due to circumstances beyond the patient's control. Insurance companies will not pay for a missed appointment and any charge for one becomes the sole responsibility of the patient.